Goethe, por enquanto

by Goethe, por enquanto

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released September 25, 2015

Gravado por Rodolfo Nei no porão da Pé de Macaco S/A
Mixado por Rodolfo Nei
Masterizado por Rafael Simões
Arte de capa: Matheus Silveira

Pé de Macaco Discos - 2015



all rights reserved


Pé de Macaco Discos São Carlos, Brazil

Produção musical D.I.Y. desde 2014

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Track Name: The words say
I know
falling tears again
before, I never cry. you say:
what you looking for
when you open the door?
what you know?
but I know

Yes, no
somewhere the words say
I know
the words say
together will say again
I know
Track Name: Can't you help me
someone told to me
realize and look forward
but I dont see
I try to escape, but have no door.

is too late
to save me, love.
dont wait
dont spend me words
no way
you can't help me!

Lets try again
we'll build a door.
and we'll find
Lets try again
we'll build a door.
a way!

is too late
to save me, love.
dont wait
dont spend me words
no way
can you help me?

You can help me
Track Name: Universe eyes
your universe eyes
shine like beauty stars
reflect here
and I become blind
I draw a moon on your request
even lost in the past
why you're not here?
why you're not here?

a little for each other
like sweat in fusion
like sweat in fusion
for each other
Track Name: Exploding my mind
Explode in my mind
all my fights
and I run for the night
with the heart tight
Nothing seems to make sense
Nothing in my life makes sense
Track Name: Surrender
A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart.